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AMPI is capable of processing phenolics of all shapes, sizes and configurations!

Glass Filled Nylon

AMPI utilizes Maquire Color Blenders at the throat of the injection molding machine to maintain color and material additives mix consistencies with great precision.

Molding Machine Tonnage: 16 Injection Molding Machines, Press Tonnage Ranges from 66 Tons - 1600 Tons

Diverse Product Line: Compartment Bins, Cup Holders, Ashtrays, Brackets, Decorative Garnishes, Shoot & Ship Injection Moldings.

Diverse Manufacturing Process: Injection Molding, Stamping, Welding & Assembly

Click on the thumbnails for a closer look at some of the products we have
designed and manufactured at American Metals & Plastics Inc.

Lincoln LS - Ashtray Assembly & Mug Holder
Ashtray:  Precision Timed Push Push Action, Pad Printed Symbols & Metallic Paint
Mug Holder: Press Fit, Mounting Clips, Chrome Beauty Ring

imglinat01.gif (42874 bytes) imglinat02.gif (39198 bytes) imglinmug01.gif (126854 bytes)

Lincoln Town Car - Pull To Open Ashtray/Storage Tray
Mounted in the Instrument Panel, Power Point & Lighter Outlet

imglinat03.gif (51221 bytes) imglinat04.gif (66665 bytes)

Cadillac XLR - Center Console/Cupholder Assembly
Imported Decorative Wood, Lighted Shifter Display, Push Push Action

imgcadconsole01_lg.jpg (39247 bytes) imgcadconsole02_lg.jpg (40020 bytes)

Ford Crown Victoria - Push to Open Ashtray & Mug Holder
Adjustable to Accommodate Various Cup Sizes, Pop-Out & Self Contained Closures

imgfordat1.gif (44947 bytes) imgfordat2.gif (41805 bytes)

Nissan Altima - Pull Out Ashtray
Precision Color Matched, Molded in Color Components

imgnisat01.gif (97072 bytes) imgnisat02.gif (41714 bytes)

General Motors - On Star Bracket
Precision Hole Placement & Strengthening Features

imggmonstarbracket.gif (98607 bytes)

Cadillac SRX - Floor Pan to Carpet Bracket
Progressive Forming, Pierced Locator Holes For Assembly Ease

imgcadfloorpan.gif (55258 bytes)

Engineered Razorback Chairs In Custom Colors

imgchairs_lg.jpg (66903 bytes)

Bins & Lids
2.0 & 1.5 Cubicfoot Barracuda Boxes
& Universal Lids in Black or Grey

imgbinlid_lg.jpg (66903 bytes) imgbinlid2_lg.jpg (66903 bytes)

Lincoln Navigator -Chrome Accent
Chrome Class 'A' Finsh w/ Decorative Features

imgnameplt2_lg.jpg (66903 bytes)

Jeep Grand Cherokee - Energy Absorbing Bracket
Capable of Stamping Various Materials,
Sizes & Shapes with Critical Features

imgpassbrkt_lg.jpg (66903 bytes)

Chrysler Mini-Van Console Assembly
100% Mold in Color

imgrtassy_lg.jpg (66903 bytes)

Lincoln MKT Cupholder Assembly
Push Feature to Open

imgd472cuphldr2_lg.jpg (66903 bytes)

Chrysler Grand Cherokee Striker
Procession Welding & Assembly

imgwkstriker_lg.jpg (66903 bytes)


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